Left Arrow – Move Left
Right Arrow – Move Right
Up Arrow – Charge Firework
Up Arrow – Launch Firework, while charging


The beginning of a new decade is always a joyous occasion as civilizations around the world often celebrate with fireworks symbolizing the dawning of a new era. However, the reason for these celebrations date back to a more primal reason, one of survival. On the eve of a new year the veil between the spirit and physical realm weakens allowing malicious spirits to roam in search of souls for them to possess. It is your duty to drive the evil spirits back using fireworks. In this battle of light and ghosts you must defend the city, and protect your soul from possession.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsScalphaMission, RaineTheGlutton
Made withUnity


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Neat!  I got 34 points!