Made in three hours and following the rules of three different jams.

Your a bird that likes to dive bomb other birds.

Do you need like a backstory?

Code and Art - ScalphaMission

Music - Memory by Creo


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SO COOL GAME  my scrore is 424  

A nicely polished game for a few hours of work, but I kept asking myself, what is the bird's motivation, if only there was a deep and meaningful backstory!

satisfied. good.

The game bugs when you buy too much 'bird frequency'.
I was rich and I wanted to eat some birds but now they are too far away from me

the green bird doesn't move from that position

same, but liked how the game forced me to change play style with each purchase.


Look homie if you ain't satisfied with a high score in the e+7..

Well no I should fix it

I just want to eat some birds