Over time many great civilizations have risen and then inevitably fallen, including the one we know today. The true year is unknown and earth, known to the current civilization as Narkanear, is in a state of ruination. Solar bursts have devastated the once lush planet and turned the over-world into a desolate wasteland. Somewhere along the path of time a previous civilization built the Hollows across the globe to mitigate the effects of the Solar bursts. These Hollows were an attempt to try build a sustainable future for humanity by preserving renewable food sources. However, these Hollows that were once considered a bastion of hope have evolved into an inescapable danger filled with aggressively sentient food. The secrets of how they were built, and their true purpose, are lost to the current civilization and they are now only viewed as an exhaustible source of nourishment…

As a Hollow nears depletion the people who live within them split into nomadic tribes and journey out in search of a new Hollow to inhabit. Not all tribes are successful in locating a new Hollow and perish. Those who are fortunate enough to find one start with nothing and must strive to sustain their survival. These groups are led by an individual best suited to face the dangers that the Hollows present, a Foodie. The Foodie is responsible for delving into the Hollow and procuring provisions for the tribe. Should a Foodie not return, a new tribe member takes up the mantle.

Your tribe has successfully located a Hollow and as the Foodie you must delve into the depths and ensure your tribes survive. Will you be able to unlock the secret while you are there…?

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