Will you sell your soul for a shot at the title?

You couldn't hack it in the big times and you got your butt handed to you on a silver platter, but will a secret demonic pact in the tradition of your late father help get you to the top?

Win the title, but at what cost?

  • Release 1.0: Prototype
  • Release 1.1: Initial release
  • Release 1.2: Fixed a unnoticed merge conflict that caused the post fight lose scene to not display correctly.
  • Release 1.3: 
    • Fixed issue with assets moving when game is played in full-screen mode.
    • Fixed bug with the Flurry, Lingering Blows, and Envy where they weren't activating correctly.
    • Added roll-over text on attributes to inform players about what they do.
    • Added roll-over text to pacts so players don't have to click on each one.
    • Tweaked the hourglass asset so you could see the remaining amount of life more clearly in the pre-fight scene.
    • Fixed a bug where an enemy could dodge while stunned.
    • Tweaked the dodging algorithm so it doesn't feel like you are fighting in the Matrix.
  • Release 1.4: Fixed issue with pre/post-fight scenes not scaling with full-screen mode.

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